Refund & Cancellation Policy

1. On the off chance that the customer drops the task inside 48 Hours of Completion , The installment will be discounted short the expense of enrollment of assets.

2. Our Software Development program is the criticism based. Customers will be requested input on the task, if after the fruition of the undertaking by the said date the customer requests crossing out then no expense will be discounted.

In the event that you are issued a discount, it ought to show up on your financial record inside 7 to 10 Business days . After getting your discount you should uninstall and quit utilizing any product items for which you no longer groups a substantial, bought permit. GSPT maintains all authority to debilitate any item keys as well as sequential numbers issued to you for the discounted items. Least charge 30% will be charged of the aggregate expense happened in finish of the task for requests above $200 USD. For rest it will be $99 USD as a base charge.

I, the authorised card holder , hereby acknowledge and agree to pay all charges from “CALLSPARTNER”. I understand it is my sole responsibility to monitor the activity on my Credit Card and further agree that, in the case of a dispute, I will resolve the matter directly with CALLSPARTNER